STUCKIN' RING is a new and innovative product that acts as your personal assistant. Always keep with you everywhere you go. Stick almost anywhere and keep your personal belongings safe by your side at all times.We strive to meet the highest standard while offering the most affordable pricing. Your comfort is our goal.”

How did Stuckin'Ring get started?

While returning home from Paris, Andrew (CEO of Stuckin'Ring), lost his job due to Covid-19. Looking to support his wife and 3 kids, he studied to come up with a new innovative product that would make many peoples lives just a little bit easier. After bouncing ideas back and forth, he finally came up with the Stuckin'Ring. He spent months developing prototypes and coming up with the best details that would be most beneficial to everybody. Finally, after many improvements on the product, and slowly putting all the pieces together, we arrived at a final design and released it to the world to enjoy. Everyone can find a use, so keep your belongings safe by your side, hold your phone or just avoid contaminated area. Either way, you'll have your own personal assistant and you'll want to show others!